We all love flying. We all love watching planes. We all love being at the airport. We all love aviation. This is an aviation motivational video. This is for all who love aviation, for all who love aviationand for all who want to become an aviator.

Flying is an unique experience, flying makes us happy, aviation is our life. Everyone has a dream, everyone wants to become it true. No matter of flying, building a house or working in an office. Everyone on our planet has a dream. And we all can achieve it.

Today I would like to give all of you some motivation in doing what you dream, or what Casey Neistat would say “Do, what you can´t”. This should not mean, that you should bring your life in danger, it should mean that you should do, what you live for, no matter of other opinions, don´t follow the advice others give to you, do what you want.

It´s YOUR life and you are the one and ONLY ONE who should decide in which way your life should go.

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